Self Defense Fitness Confidence Focus Perserverance


Professional Instruction.    Step-by-Step, Practical Training.    No Contracts or Hidden Fees.

In-depth training in small group sessions with personal coaching that empowers you to develop usable skills.

Benefits for Women

Wing Chun was created by a Woman and is uniquely designed to give you the ability to conquer an attacker who may be bigger, stronger, and faster than you...

Benefits for Men

For Men, Wing Chun is a welcomed break from dull free lifting that results in bulky, tight muscle. Enjoy diverse full-body workouts that cultivate lean, flexible muscle...


Benefits for Teens

Wing Chun is ideal for Teens as they often have the time, maturity, and abundance of energy needed to excel. Develop confidence, focus, perserverance...


Contact Information

Wing Chun Fist Art House
909 Fairview Ave
Takoma Park, MD 20912
 Open Visit Day: Thursdays 7:30pm
For Other Days: Make an Appointment 



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