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In addition to developing practical skills for self defense, training at Wing Chun MD can help you reach fitness goals, sharpen your focus, develop confidence, and more IF you are willing to put in the time and effort to invest in your full potential.  To start 2016 on a positive note, here is a special offer!

Earn 30 days of Free Lessons in 3 Steps:


Step 1:  Schedule A Visit 

Fill out the form below to schedule a visit and get a better sense of our training. If you feel it's a good fit for you, great! At the least, you'll have a unique experience that will help you make a more informed decision about what is right for you.


Step 2:  Sign up!

The new Challenge group starts January 12th 2016! Sign up is open now and limited spaces are available.  



Step 3: Attend 8 Classes

That's It! Make an honest investment in your progress by attending 8 classes (that's 2 days per week) in your first month and the challenge is complete!

Your Reward:

30 Days Free Membership!
By the end of your first month, you'll be able to clearly see the benefits of training Wing Chun in a challenging, supportive environment.  You will have taken a small step towards developing a solid foundation in Wing Chun.  As a show of appreciation for you sincerely embracing this new journey, membership dues for your 2nd month will be waived. Yes, you will earn 30 days of free martial arts training!

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